Telemarketing Services

Telemarketing is the systematic, integrated use of the telephone and the Internet to communicate with existing and potential customers to maximise business profitability. Our telemarketing services can provide you with excellent return on investment. The quality of R.O.I. is aided by Helios Marketing Solutions concentrating on outbound B2B Telemarketing services.

In sophisticated B2B markets it is nearly always essential for face-to-face discussions to take place between our client and their customers prior to a sale being generated. In many, but not all, cases the lead-time from initial contact to eventual sale can be long and protracted. Therefore it is important that the best communication processes are in place, ensuring that the customer relationship is receiving the right level of attention at the most appropriate time.

Helios Marketing Solutions can offer you a wide range of telemarketing and telesales services that will help to augment your existing lead generation and appointment setting activity. Not sure what route to take to market or looking to do a bespoke project? Feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to assist.

Business Development

Appointment Setting

Your field sales force is the most important (and probably the best paid) asset within your business. It is imperative that their time is spent in the most constructive. Take advantage of our appointment setting service to supply your sales force with highly qualified meetings and allow them to get on with what they do best, selling.

Lead Generation

Looking to feed leads into your internal sales department or provide your field sales force or channel partner with highly qualified opportunities? By taking advantage of our lead generation service, you benefit from the same high levels of qualification, but at the same time have the flexibility to decide on the follow up actions yourself.

Data Services

For any sales organisation good, targeted data is of paramount importance. Whether you need our help procuring new data or augmenting existing data sets, the team at Helios Marketing Solutions will be happy to help.

Data Management

At Helios Marketing Solutions we work closely with our clients to agree the best and most cost effective source of data to be used in outbound Telemarketing Campaigns.

Data Profiling

It may be that our client has their own internal data, which is very often of unknown quality. Helios Marketing Solutions will test and measure against an agreed profile and enhance it with further market intelligence information. If the data does not match the right criteria for your target audience, we will advise on alternative sources of reliable data and purchase it on your behalf.

If you need to develop a better understanding of the IT infrastructure your customers and prospects have adopted or you need to know what IT infrastructure your target accounts have, or more importantly, if they are within your target audience, Helios MS can provide a data profiling service against an existing data set. This can help to really target your future marketing campaigns and ultimately, save money.

Profiling and consistently managing a well-targeted database may be the best investment you make in your company this year. Helios Marketing Solutions can take the strain out of keeping in touch with your market.

Data Cleansing

There’s no bigger drain on valuable marketing funds than inaccurate data. Time and money spent on cleaning your customer and prospect data is time and money well spent. By commissioning Helios MS to do this laborious job for you, you will benefit from a full data audit of your original data, ongoing statistical reports and a full project analysis once the campaign has finished.


Even successful, long established companies can find it challenging to gain insight into future and emerging markets. This is where Helios Marketing Solutions provide an objective insight into market segments where your product or service may provide the ideal solution.

Helios Marketing solutions can help you to profile your current markets, identify gaps, and develop a suitable approach for new markets. Prior to you committing major investment in collateral and resource, we test the hypothesis and revisit the drawing board as many times as you require.

Our aim is to understand your business objectives, your products, your services and your target audience. We don’t always just do as we are told! We challenge perceptions, make suggestions and provide the benefit of our experience of dealing with many diverse markets.